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stop press........

aargh!  ...

Bad news, I'm afraid. For some reason (brain scans and other investigations under way), I can't sing! I can't pronounce words, and my breath only survives for about two words!

Lots of investigations under way, and I'll keep you posted.

I'm sorry to have had to turn down several requests for local gigs and festivals.


I'm afraid it has been confirmed that I have Motor Neurone Disease.

guitar news


Early in the year I took a big gamble. I was becoming increasingly conscious of the signs of age on my old-faithful workhorse: the 1918 Gibson L1. So I went to an auction and bought a 1934 Gibson L-00. It didn't sound great, as there were very old and inappropriate strings on it. But I had a feeling - and got it!

I absolutely love it, and the brewery gig (over 2 hours) proved that it was capable of recreating all the spirit and character of the old L1, but a lot more reliable and bigger-sounding. I just feel sorry for the sad old L1 now!

L-00 cutout.png

More recently, something very surprising and emotional happened. The first "decent" USA-made guitar I bought was a Harmony Sovereign, when I was aged 20 in 1970. Many, many years later I sold it to a good friend, who promised that - if ever he sold it -  he would let me have it back at the original price he paid. It's happened!!


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