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what an unexpected few weeks!

I'd sort-of given up on live gigs in my 72nd year: especially when all the surprisingly-resurrected festival gigs had to be cancelled. But one festival booking survived: Upton on Severn Blues. Not only did I do a main acoustic stage set (surprisingly big crowd!). but I was booked to take part in a "Blues Panel" debate the next day. Very interesting -and a great opportunity for me to express my own feelings about the significance and history of The Blues.

Since then, I've been asked to play at several town festivals. I've absolutely loved it: never sacrificed my passion for playing old-style blues, yet intrigued and attracted and entertained a lot of people.

And then there's my local brewery! Not only have they asked me to play at their new tiny bar in Corsham, but their annual beer festival just up the road. (see the "gigs" page).

guitar news


Early in the year I took a big gamble. I was becoming increasingly conscious of the signs of age on my old-faithful workhorse: the 1918 Gibson L1. So I went to an auction and bought a 1934 Gibson L-00. It didn't sound great, as there were very old and inappropriate strings on it. But I had a feeling - and got it!

I absolutely love it, and the brewery gig (over 2 hours) proved that it was capable of recreating all the spirit and character of the old L1, but a lot more reliable and bigger-sounding. I just feel sorry for the sad old L1 now!

L-00 cutout.png

More recently, something very surprising and emotional happened. The first "decent" USA-made guitar I bought was a Harmony Sovereign, when I was aged 20 in 1970. Many, many years later I sold it to a good friend, who promised that - if ever he sold it -  he would let me have it back at the original price he paid. It's happened!!


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