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we're off again .......

It's just over a year since my most amazing year's programme of festival gigs was all cancelled. In the year of my 70th birthday, I would never have dreamed that I would (without really trying too hard!) have finally filled my summer diary with great blues festivals. Then for it all to be cancelled due to corona virus.

But there we are - luckily I don't rely on it: just absolutely thrilled to be asked.

During lockdown, I've tried hard to keep playing, and set myself a task to record old songs I haven't done much recently, and played on old guitars which have been hanging on walls for ages!

I've posted them all on my Facebook page, or you can see all the ones I've recorded at home over the years on my Youtube page (click on Youtube).

But suddenly I've had contact from the organisers of two of the festivals asking if I would be up for starting up again in 2022! Er - yes! See the "gigs" page for details.

guitar news


Early in the year I took a big gamble. I was becoming increasingly conscious of the signs of age on my old-faithful workhorse: the 1918 Gibson L1. So I went to an auction and bought a 1934 Gibson L-00. It didn't sound great, as there were very old and inappropriate strings on it. But I had a feeling - and got it!

I absolutely love it, and the brewery gig (over 2 hours) proved that it was capable of recreating all the spirit and character of the old L1, but a lot more reliable and bigger-sounding. I just feel sorry for the sad old L1 now!

L-00 cutout.png